Mermaid With A Crystal Ball, Oil On Canvas


4X6 Feet
48X72 Inch
121.92X182.88 CM

This majestic artwork depicts a mermaid gazing into a crystal ball, her expression one of wonder and awe. The masterpiece is inspired by the legend of Atargatis, the Assyrian goddess of fertility. It is a symbol of hope and transformation, a reminder that even in the darkest of times, there is always light to be found.

It will be fitted with many gem stones, which will absorb various negative energies and transmit positive energies.(With Golden Frame), Frame will be made based on paintings. 

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Introduction: A Journey To Discover The Artistic Brilliance

Are you ready to gaze into the future through the crystal-clear eyes of this magnificent mermaid holding a crystal ball in her hands?

As we explore the creative brilliance of this exquisite masterpiece, we will not only discover the mysteries that this enigmatic mermaid holds in her hands, but also unravel the secret to unlocking the divinity within our own.

As depicted in the artwork, this is no ordinary mermaid. She is not just an embodiment of some Goddess. She is the Goddess herself.

Her beautiful tail rests on the sea bed with seaweeds entwined around it as if hugging and honouring Earth Mother as her kin.

This painting doesn’t just depict a mermaid
It tells a story- of how the artists breathed life into the canvas. Ironically, it was this breathtaking mermaid that made them feel more alive than ever.

The painting symbolizes the divine breath that first made the Earth alive. A Look Behind the Scenes

The artwork was painted by some of the country’s most brilliant minds, who received their degrees from India’s most eminent institutions.

Every part of this canvas was painted in different locales, in different surroundings to give it proper justice. Some- near a lake to imbue this vibrant sea with the essence of water, others in lush-green gardens to make the flora look more alive.

It was the location that chose the part of the canvas the artists designed and painted as if the mermaid herself was foretelling her own fate.

The Mermaid’s Tale: A Legend of Love and Loss

This awe-inspiring masterpiece draws its inspiration from the rich tapestry of Assyrian mythology.

Legend has it that Atargatis, the Goddess of fertility, fell in love with a human. The weight of their forbidden union proved too great for her human lover, resulting in his tragic demise.

To punish herself, Atargatis then took her fate into her own hands and cast herself off into a lake.

Her beauty was such that, even after jumping into the waters, she couldn’t turn into fish completely. Instead, she emerged as a mesmerizing mermaid.

Just like Atargatis, this breathtaking mermaid tells a tale of lost love.
She looks into the crystal ball to connect with her divine lover, only to realize that he was with

her all along, as depicted by the two stars adorning her hair.

These stars symbolize two souls destined to be together in life and death, sickness and health, love and loss, and heaven and hell.

The Key to Unlocking Your Divine Light

This painting is engraved with gemstones that will assist you in releasing negative energy from your life.

These healing stones will awaken you to the ability to turn a new leaf in life. Even though Atargatis was a Goddess, she still grieved the loss of her lover like a human.

These stones will also ignite the divine light that exists inside you. Just because we are mortal, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t enough.

We all carry the essence of God inside of us. And, if you haven’t been able to believe in yourself, maybe it’s time to change your belief system altogether.

You are the change that you have been waiting for, You have the power that you desire and desire. And, if you don’t feel this way, maybe these stones will change your mind and this mermaid will help transform your life.


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