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Magic Of Soul

A beautiful soul has not other merit then its own existence

What all is included ?


Transition from open and active community spaces into intimate and reflective spaces intend to bring meaning and presence to the moment during your stay. Enhanced safety measures and commitment to cleanliness that goes above and beyond Industry’s already-rigorous protocols.


We believe in being inclusive and flexible that is why our Ayurveda packages are tailor-made, combining our guests’ goals with respect to their Body Constitution (Data, Pita, Kapha) upon lifestyle consultation.

All the herbs used in treatments at Shatam Jeeva are grown in our 100-acre Shatam Jeeva forest and strong control over the quality of these herbs makes our therapies or treatments even more effective.

Wellbeing Activities

We curate experiences that align with what matters the most; connecting with the self, others, and the surrounding world. Feed your soul with vast array of indoor & outdoor activities that promote mindfulness and provide powerful tools to keep you engaged in the present moment.

Sattvic Diet

Every one of us is different and so should our diet be! Whether you are looking to lose weight, detoxify your body, or just looking for a rejuvenating vacation; “We have got a tailored diet plan for you”.

We use the best seasonal ingredients we grow or source locally and make everything with love! We hope you feel the love whether you eat Sattvic or Vegetarian food. You can also learn healthy recipes and tips in interactive workshops with our wellness chefs.

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